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Beta Glucan Research

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Click here to view the full Beta Glucan study in "Mutation Research" 658 (2008) 154–161.

b-Glucans in promoting health: Prevention against mutation and cancer

The polysaccharides b-glucans occur as a principal component of the cellular walls. Some microorganisms, such as yeast and mushrooms, and also cereals such as oats and barley, are of economic interest because they contain large amounts of b-glucans. These substances stimulate the immune system, modulating humoral and cellular immunity, and thereby have beneficial effect in fighting infections (bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic).b-Glucans also exhibit hypocholesterolemic and anticoagulant properties. Recently, they have been demonstrated to be anti-cytotoxic, antimutagenic and anti-tumorogenic, making them promising candidate as pharmacological promoters of health.

Keywords: b-Glucans; Antimutagenesis; Biological activities; Chemoprevention; Anticarcinogenic

Click here to view the full study in Mutation Research 658 (2008) 154–161.

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